About This Website

Anil Dash recently posted 15 Lessons from 15 Years of Blogging, rather excellent, I thought. I hope to apply some of the lessons he learned (next, in bold) on this website.
The personal blog is an important, under-respected art form [Anil Dash].
That's what this website aims to be: a personal blog. The other websites I have created have all had a specific focus: books on Dylan, great musical performances, my Thailand travels. There is no narrow focus to this one, except to the extent that it is about only those things that interest me at the time each article is written.
Link to everything you create elsewhere on the web [Anil Dash].
This is high on my list of priorities. My Internet presence is fragmented, scattered all over the place. I started to bring things together in one place on another website, but that platform got too complicated, so the project was abandoned.
Now I begin again, but with a different approach. I will be gradually building websites on particular subjects, as I have done in the past. But this personal blog will be the place that ties them all together. That's why I chose a .net domain for this blog. It will be bringing all my work together into one network.
For example, I might write an article about a trip in Thailand and post it on my Thailand travel blog. But here on the personal blog, I will point to the new article on the other website. Perhaps I will write about an important book on Bob Dylan on my Dylan books website, but I will point to that article from here.
Here are the main subjects I have written about over the years.
You can see what I mean about being scattered all over the place. It will take some time to get this writing organized in a better way, using this personal blog as the central point of coordination.
On this blog I will also write on topics other than the subjects shown above, basically anything that interests me at the time and perhaps on more personal matters.
I can be contacted by email via About.me/ronchester.
Ron Chester