Innovative Technology for Online Distribution

For years I got my news by watching the MacNeil-Lehrer Report, which eventually morphed into the PBS News Hour. It seemed more balanced than network coverage of news and there were no commercials. But eventually, during one of the two year periods of unending election coverage, I got fed up with even that and I mostly just turned off TV. It's been just the Internet for me ever since then.
Today Dave Winer suggested that what we need now is a "New York Times of the people."
Well isn't that what public broadcasting is supposed to provide?
I thought so, but figured I better look it up. So I did. PBS is funded by the CPB, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Follow the money. What are the goals and purposes of CPB? What does CPB fund?
Their latest statement on that was issued on September 15, 2014, not that long ago!
"CPB acts as a guardian of the mission and purposes for which public broadcasting was established."
"GOAL: Strengthen the quality of public media's content and services, and expand audience reach, by supporting people, organizations, and projects with innovative ideas."
"To achieve this Goal, CPB will provide grant funding to support the efforts of public media stations and producers to make innovative use of broadcast technology, online distribution, social media and mobile platforms to reach audiences wherever and whenever they use media."
Dave Winer is creating innovative technology for online distribution, social media and mobile platforms to reach audiences everywhere on the Internet. Is anyone creating more innovative tools than DW??
Not that I've seen. And freely given, usually open source. And one day I suspect he will release his Liveblogging software for anyone to use, making it even easier for anyone to broadcast to the public.
CPB should be supporting DW's efforts, but in a way that DW is able to maintain his independence. How could CPB fail to support such efforts, if they were pointed out to them?
The pessimist in me: "They would find a way."
We must not yield to pessimism and give up too soon.