Learn Morse Code

Would you like to learn Morse Code, or improve your grasp of the language? There are many approaches and lots of good software programs for learning CW. The method I've used the most in the last decade is the code course produced by Chuck Adams, K7QO. There should be a Wikipedia page about this guy, but there isn't. I learned about him in the 1990's when I was very active in the QRP community, attending the monthly meetings of the Norcal QRP Club and QRP forums at Pacificon and elsewhere. Chuck is a member of the QRP Hall of Fame (since 1998) and a legendary high speed CW guy.
Some years ago I got his code course from him on CD and really liked it. Yesterday I happened to come across mention of it again and I got inspired to get it again. Now he offers it as a free download on the Internet, which is how I got it this time, here in Thailand. My CD of the course is back at home in Silicon Valley. Well now I have it in my Google Drive account. I can run it from there with my Chromebook or my Android phone with a wifi connection. Or I could easily download parts of the course directly to either device and run them without any need of an Internet connection.
It took me hours getting the downloads and unzipping them into Google Drive with a slow wifi connection, but it was worth it, as now I can easily practice CW no matter where in the world I am. It is totally simple to use. There are hundreds of mp3 files that play the CW for you to copy and then corresponding text files to check your copy. Easy.
The manual that comes with the course will give you a good idea of what it's all about. It also tells the story of how he got started with CW, teaching it to himself in two days to a speed of 12 wpm! I guess you could say he had an aptitude for the language, but anyone can learn the code and his course is a really good way to do it. You just need to download and then unzip two files from his website and get started. Once unpacked, there are over 870 files in all: mp3 files for the CW, txt files to check your copy, and three pdf files. I have linked to the manual, which is one of the pdf files, so you can read about the course right away, rather than waiting for the giant course file to download. I found that two of the mp3 files (077.mp3 and 363.mp3) would not unpack from the zip file correctly. I sent an email to Chuck and two hours later the files arrived in his email reply. Sweet!
In the manual, Chuck offers to be your mentor in learning the code and learning from a master is a great way to go. When you read the manual, it is obvious he knows what he's writing about and he gives welcome encouragement from the start, while also making it clear that it will take some work. Isn't that the case for all worthwhile activities?