Write Ten Ideas a Day

I'm reading Choose Yourself by James Altucher, a blogger I've been following for quite a while. The Kindle edition cost me the princely sum of 99 cents. On Amazon it currently has 812 five-star reviews and 199 four-star reviews out of 1,161 total reviews. That was good enough for me to take the plunge.
This morning in the chapter, Let's Get Specific: What Should I Do? I read, "The way you get good ideas is do two things: (1) Read two hours a day. (2) Write ten ideas a day. By the end of a year, you will have read almost one thousand hours and written down 3,600 ideas. One of these ideas will be a home run."
Well I probably already read two hours a day, most days, and I'm having ideas, including business ideas, all the time, So why not write them down?
I already have a list in Google Keep for Blog Ideas, so I added a new list there, called just Ideas. I immediately put six ideas on the list. I don't know that I'll come up with ten ideas every day, but that's okay. It should help still my mind, if nothing else. [ "I need a dump truck, Mama, to unload my head." Bob Dylan, 1965. Dump truck image from here. ]
I decided to document this new addition to my daily routines by writing this blog posting. To confirm the correct spelling of his name, I went to my RSS feed for the author's blog and discovered that his most recent article (unread) is called, "FAQ ON HOW TO BECOME AN IDEA MACHINE." Hah! Well imagine that. His book was published in 2013, but the most recent article on his blog is on this same subject! It starts by saying, "I started coming up with 10 ideas a day and I’ve written about this several times before: it saved my life, my career, my friendships, made me better friendships, partners, opportunities, a wife, better relationships with my kids, and oooga-booga (lots of kisses)."
So the item he just wrote about (again), on 6 January 2015 is the same one I gleaned from his book this morning. Awesome! Is this like a sign from God? Check back in a year to see whether I had any idea that was a home run. It certainly seems to have worked for him!
So I read his FAQ. Turns out he says I should make sure I write down at least ten ideas a day, so my six wasn't enough. And he says to list ideas on a particular theme every day. Neither of those parts was mentioned in the book, so I guess it's a good thing I stumbled onto his FAQ. But don't just believe me, read it for yourself.